An Introduction… Or Something…

I made this account a few months ago, and I don’t know why it took me this long to post something. I’ve never been a faithful blogger. Life’s pretty monotonous, and most of the time, whenever I think of writing down things that happened in a certain day, I stop and ask myself if it would be worth it.

I mean, how do people start a blog, anyway? Does it have to be about something that has to appeal to a certain group of people to call it a blog? Could it just be a ‘Dear Diary’ kind of thing? I’m not really sure. But I guess I just woke up one day and decided that life is short, and someone has to document my life, however boring it could be. And no one’s going to do it for me but me, so here I am.

I am thirty-one. Actually, turning thirty two on May this year. I have been married for five years, and we do not have children. One of these days, maybe I will write about that. It could be a long rant. It could even be depressing. Too depressing for a maiden post. So this time, let me leave the depressing things out of it.

Another fact about me: I am Filipina married to a Japanese. I live in Japan, in the northern island of Hokkaido, and I am sick of the snow. But coming from a tropical country and then suddenly moving to a place whose seasons change and they let you know it when they do, I am most of the time inspired during those transitions. I grow bored of the seasons themselves, but I love the transition from one season to another. Call me crazy.

I don’t know when it had actually started, but I had come to realize that almost all of what I write would have a Japanese setting. I guess I had always been influenced by too much anime and manga. I love anime and manga.

That love was probably what had me writing in the first place. I had actually started writing fanfiction when I was in grade school. I had those spiral notebooks with me all the time and I would write about my favorite anime that had ended but didn’t give me the desired aftertaste. It was when I entered college did I put my stuff online, and I got a great amount of positive feedback from strangers who shared the same love as me. And eleven years later, I’m still writing them.

One of these days, I had said to myself, I’d like to write my own book. And yes, right now I am in the process of writing one. I’m not expecting anything from it. I know not everyone could be J.K. Rowling who could turn into a bestseller at thirty one. Right now, just finishing my own work would be an accomplishment all in itself. Now if only I had the time…

Ah, there we go. My first excuse. I always make the excuse that I just don’t have the time. Working full time leaves you with nothing much, really. But anyway, I will finish the book I am working on.




But before that, I have to decide on what this blog is going to center on.

You know what? Scratch that. This blog is going to be an anything-goes blog about an uninteresting girl with uneventful experiences. Posts could differ greatly. Some could be rants. Some could be observations. Some could be things in between. Updates on works I’m currently trying to finish. Et cetera.

That said, I’m gonna click on the blue button to publish this.



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Happy blogging!